Live: Geraniums – Tips for Growing these Nostalgic Blooms

There is something about geraniums that conjure up memories of our grandmother’s garden in late spring and summer and while they have an old-fashioned quality we think they are just beautiful.  We love to gather bouquets of these pretty blooms in a variety of colours to brighten up the home. They are fairly easy to grow, however a little love and care will ensure your plants produce an abundant of beautiful flowers. Plant in a dry, sunny position as geraniums prefer six hours of sun per day, however they don’t love hot temperatures (over 30 degrees celcius) so try to avoid positions with very hot afternoon sun. 

A well drained soil is necesary and regular pruning of dead flowers and leaves will keep them looking their best. Fertilise regularly and prune back well in autumn to keep the plant lovely and bushy.


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