Escape: Balmoral Beach, Sydney, Australia

One of the best things about being in Sydney, Australia is that you are never far from a beach. One of ELE’s favourites is Balmoral Beach on the lower north shore in the pretty suburb of Mosman. Rocky Point Island separates two beaches both of which have a wide expanse of sand and fairly sheltered swimming bays. The area is family friendly and is less touristy than some of the Eastern beaches which can be hectic. There are some good restaurants on the sea front and a casual fish and chip shop, Bottom of the Harbour, which is great for a post swim snack. Parking can be pricey so our top tip is to park a few streets back from the beach and try to visit on a weekday, when there are less people and and a very relaxed, peaceful holiday vibe.


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  1. Wow ! how beautiful 🙂

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  2. Anna says:

    So gorgeous! 🙂

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  3. Sydney Foodie says:

    lovely photography – I was only there a couple of weeks ago myself. Such a wonderful place and even better if you can sneak off for a visit when everyone else is at work!

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    1. I agree, when it’s lovely and quiet!!

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  4. jewey says:

    ah, fish n’ chips at the beach. the perfect combo. until the seagulls start flying overhead waiting to be thrown some leftover chips. hehe.

    i’ve never been to the beaches in sydney. i would love to go one day. melbourne’s beaches, as photogenic as they are, can be so friggin’ cold!

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  5. Ermagerd. Just take me there.

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